We were asked by T W Falkingham farmers to erect a total of 2355m of fencing on their river land near Balne, East Yorkshire. They had recently acquired the fields and were wanting to use them for grazing cattle but first needed to prevent the herd from accessing the river. We achieved this by using high-tensile, tornado stock net, fixed to 3-4" x 5'6" tanalised, timber round posts, topped with 2 strands of barbed wire for added height. On the steep embankments leading to the river we used post and four rails. We also installed 4 single and 2 x double galvanised gates of varying sizes, all hung on 8' x 7" x 7" tanalised timber gate posts. A traditional tractor and post knocker rig up would have struggled with the wet riverside ground conditions, but our tracked machine coped with ease leaving minimal mess. 


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