Fencing services

Post and rail 

Post and rail is one of our most popular styles of fencing that is as robust as it is aesthetically pleasing. We construct post and rail fencing at various heights depending on the animal you wish to contain or look you are trying to achieve, using either 2, 3, 4 or 5 rails. 

Stock net 

We construct stock net fencing using high tensile tornado wire, tanalised timber strainers at every change of direction and tanalised, round intermediate posts every 3 metres. Stock net is an effective and affordable means of containing livestock such as cattle, sheep and pigs. If you wish, we can add 1-2 strands of barbed or plain wire, which will protect the netting and give extra height to the fence. 

Horse net 

Similar to stock net fencing but using specialist ‘Torus’ high tensile wire with smaller holes that prevent horses and other animals from trapping their hooves. Alternatively, we can offer a net free form of equestrian fencing using timber intermediate posts and polymer tape, which can also be connected to an electric supply.

Deer fencing 

Constructed the same as stock net fencing but using 9' tanalised intermediate posts, 10' tanalised strainer posts and double-height, high tensile wire to safely contain deer herds and other animals capable of jumping over standard height fencing. 

Specialist and bespoke 

Alongside the standard methods of fence construction, as described above, we are proud to offer a range of specialist fencing options including decorative fencing; security fencing and panel fencing. We also undertake bespoke work such as the construction of cattle races, sheep pens, equestrian stables, horse jumps and mounting blocks. 


We offer a range of standard and decorative high-quality timber gates. All gates are supplied with galvanised gate furniture and hung professionally on 8’ timber gate posts. We also provide 7 bar national box galvanised gates in varying sizes to suit your requirements. These can be supplied with either spring loaded sliding bolt or D loop fastenings and can be hung on either galvanised or timber gate posts. 

We underake our fencing project using our protec EVO1 tracked post knocker. This tracked unit allows us to install fences in locations that a conventional tractor mounted knocker can't access, leaving minimal mess. The machine also features a rock spike and auger system so that posts can be hammered to a sufficient depth in even rocky, hard conditions. We are also available to hire on a competitive man and machine day rate basis. 

Agricultural fencing, Selby
Agricultural fencing, Selby
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Agricultural fencing, Selby
Agricultural fencing, Selby
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Equestrian fencing, York
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